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Letter to the Editor


JoAnn Goodson, Owosso

11:47 am

Independent Editor,

The voters of Owosso have succumbed to the propaganda campaign of the school system and approved a millage to pay for a new junior high school and heaven knows what else. There will be new appeals for money to pay for the many things not included in the millage proposal. I wonder how an argument that the absence of a millage in Owosso indicated somehow that there should be one could have appealed to even one sentient person.

So, there will be a new building, probably as ugly as the current high school, and there will be another vacant building downtown. Well, at least that is an attractive building. But, Owosso voters, perhaps you should have consulted the state of education in our community before giving the empire building school system more of your money.

Consider: in the Owosso Public Schools, only 24.75 percent of graduates are college ready; math proficiency is 23 percent; English proficiency is 54 percent; the school system graduation rate is 79 percent, while the state average is 82 percent; and student population has declined six percent over the past five years.

So, what is the need here? There could not have been a need for more space when the population is declining. And how would a new building improve knowledge? The obvious need is for education, for learning, not bricks and mortar.

JoAnn Goodson, Owosso

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