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Letter to the Editor


JoAnn Goodson, Owosso

1:51 pm

Independent Editor,

Brandon Dillon, chair of the Michigan Democratic Party says the party has seen an “enormous surge in activism.” That is surely not an exaggeration. Witness Democrats almost any day screaming in the streets, burning cars, smashing windows, attacking people who do not agree with their notions of government, women parading with pink knit representations of their perineums on their heads while suggesting that someone else is vulgar. Wow! Mr. Dillon also says “We’re not going to sit idly by while Donald Trump and his cronies in Washington and on Wall Street tear up over 200 years of American democracy for their own personal benefit.”

Mr. Dillon, who is being paid $400,000 for one speech at a Wall Street firm? To what party have those firms given the vast majority of their political donations in recent decades? And just what political party refuses to accept the results of any election in which they do not prevail? One of their “comedians,” one Bill Mahar, suggests that the role of Ivanka Trump is to give her father oral sex so he will not completely go off the rails. A college student suggests that if a family member dies they should be cremated and their remains sent to Republican members of Congress with a note claiming the death was due to repeal of Obamacare, a piece of legislation which has had catastrophic results. On the campus front, a professor of art at, I think he is at Georgetown, proclaims that every Republican legislator should be lined up and shot. This, he said, was not hyperbole.

Yes, Democrats are certainly energized.

JoAnn Goodson, Owosso

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