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Letter to the Editor


Jim Fuller, former Durand Teacher and Coach

7:49 pm

Independent Editor,

   Education is the best investment that can be made to ensure that a community will have economic growth in the long term and it also happens to be that the school is the best rallying point for activities in the district. The quality of the schools begins with having good facilities that will address student learning and be a source of pride for the area.

   During my time in Durand, the community support was outstanding. I was very fortunate to be able to share time with many outstanding students and athletes. I always try to get back a couple times a year to see former students and the new changes taking place. I’m encouraging these special people who still live in the Durand area to get out and support the school that helped them during their early development.   

   Since I left Durand, there have been a few changes with the Middle School being the big addition, but there have been some deletions as far as school closings because of declining enrollment. The high school and the remaining elementary schools have had few upgrades over the past 30 years. The proposed bond issue would address the needs for improvements that must be done to maintain the current physical structures and improved upgrades, making Durand a better place for the education of its students. What motivates and inspires students can be many things. Favorite subjects and teachers will always be important, but modern classroom environment and outdoor education opportunities are all factors to a great school experience for students, teachers, coaches and families.

  Inspiring education during the school day leads to greater interest in the school for other purposes. Sports teams, after school programs and outdoor clubs have a place to grow and play together. This is what upgrading the school facilities itself can offer to the local community. People will move to a new place if a great school is prepared to make their children better.

  Please get out and vote Tuesday, Aug. 4 or get your ballot and mail it in to support Durand schools and benefit the whole community.  GO RAILROADERS!

Jim Fuller,

former Durand Teacher and Coach

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