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Letter to the Editor


Jerry Riggs, Corunna

1:22 pm

Independent Editor,

I would like to inform readers that have received, in the mail, the glossy full color advert inviting them to attend the Unlock Revelation seminar. The return address given is Emmanuel, which may possibly be mistaken as being connected with Immanuel Baptist Church; it has no connection whatsoever with them. In fact, the ad gives no identity as to its church affiliation. But to those who are acquainted with the graphics and attention-getting artwork, it suggests that it is from the hetero-orthodox Seventh Day Adventist Church. On further investigation it proves that this is the case. SDA seminar invitations are typically not up front about identifying who they are until somewhere in the middle of the first session. Not that there’s necessarily anything wrong with that, but I myself like to know who I’m dealing with beforehand, and no doubt so do others. So for that reason, I thought I would pass this on to others who might like to know.

Jerry Riggs, Corunna

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