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Letter to the Editor


Jennifer Hessler, Bancroft

12:30 pm

Independent Editor,

I work on the flower gardens at Durand Union Station, along with Shirley Polen and Cindy Porter. We all try to keep work dates that keep the gardens looking nice for customers and visitors to the Depot. We have been keeping up the gardens for over 10 years now, with the help of many others along the way. We all take pride in our community and feel this is a way to give back.

I would like to thank Ace Hardware of Durand for the donation of flowers to the Depot. They donated two beautiful hanging baskets of fire red sunpatiens and a flat of annuals to brighten up the garden around the Depot sign. The hanging baskets were placed in urns on either side of the entrance door of the Depot. They brighten up the entrance and welcome you into the Depot. Ace Hardware has helped us out numerous times, and their generosity is greatly appreciated. Thanks you again, Ace Hardware.

Jennifer Hessler, Bancroft

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