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Letter to the Editor


Jennifer Hessler, Bancroft

10:45 am

Independent Editor,

   My name is Jennifer Hessler and I am a volunteer with Memorial Healthcare Hospice. I volunteer to help make arrangements with the flower ministry, along with Martha Sutton and Gloria Danek. We make arrangements twice a month that are delivered to Memorial Healthcare Hospice patients. There are numerous volunteers who pick the flowers up and deliver them to our hospice patients.

   Once a month we make arrangements out of carnations and fillers, and the other time we get flowers donated from Kroger of Owosso. This task takes a lot of volunteers and employees in order to get the flowers to our patients. Flowers have to be ordered, picked up and brought to the Memorial Healthcare building on W. M-21 to be arranged. Friends of Hospice pay for anything not donated by Kroger. It is amazing to see how all this works to get a smile from a patient or a caregiver when these arrangements are delivered.

   Thursday, June 27 was a Kroger donation day and it was a joy to make the 24 arrangements to be sent out for delivery. Kroger donated red and orange roses, orange carnations, purple statice, pink and yellow alstroemeria, mums of every color and many more. We love these days when we can take our time and use our imaginations to make some of the most beautiful arrangements and brighten someone’s day.

   I would like to give a big shout out to Kroger for their continued support to the Memorial Healthcare Flower Ministry.  It is members of our community like Kroger that make me proud to be a resident of Shiawassee County.

Jennifer Hessler, Bancroft

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