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Letter to the Editor


Jason Hartz, Vernon

3:31 pm

Independent Editor,

   I rarely engage in public forums, but given the outright hostility expressed toward the police this election cycle, I feel compelled to speak out as a private citizen when I see a local candidate encouraging this same division.

   I recently received a paid Facebook ad from the Democratic candidate for state representative, in which she said that community “back the badge” events stoke hate and distrust. Earlier in her candidacy I noted her embracing of the “defund the police” movement and her website notes that yard signs supporting public safety “make her sad.” Taken together, it seems rather evident that she has little value for those who serve in law enforcement. That she would actually use her campaign funds to send such a divisive ad to me shows a profound ignorance about the communities she wants to represent.

   Thankfully, we have a choice in the election. Ben Frederick has been a reasoned and steady voice as our state representative during these unsettled times. I’ve appreciated that he’s raised questions and brought forward solutions in a respectful way. I like that he’s talking about hope and certainty when so many others are seeking to divide. I’m also not surprised to see that he holds the endorsement of numerous police organizations and the unions representing firefighters and our corrections officers. I have no doubt that he will continue to ensure that those in public safety are respected rather than waved aside when it is politically expedient. My family and I urge your support for Ben Frederick’s reelection as our state representative.

Jason Hartz, Vernon

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