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Letter to the Editor


Janet Horvath, Owosso

1:09 pm

Independent Editor,

   I want to commend Larry Johnson, Jodi DeFrenn, and the staff of the Shiawassee County Health Department for their excellent work. Every week they run a COVID vaccine clinic, and administer the doses that have been allotted to the Health Department for that week. And while the demand for the vaccine currently far exceeds the supply, it is a start. To have an effective vaccine at all is truly remarkable. HIV has been with us for decades, and as yet there is no effective vaccine to prevent HIV. By this summer, there will be enough COVID vaccine doses for everyone who wants to be vaccinated.

   As Dr. Fauci says, please be patient. When you are eligible because of your age, pre-existing conditions or occupation, get your name on every list to be vaccinated: the Health Department, Memorial Healthcare, Rite Aid and Meijer Pharmacies. Help your friends and relatives who have difficulty making phone calls or going online to get on lists. Provide transportation for those who need it. In the meantime, please continue wearing masks and social distancing. We have lost far too many people already in this dreadful pandemic.

Janet Horvath, Owosso

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