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Letter to the Editor


Jan Senneker, Shaftsburg

3:31 pm

Independent Editor,
Wow. The arrogance of interim Woodhull Township Supervisor Hasse and the interim board is simply breathtaking.
We have been fortunate to have good government and careful stewardship of our financial resources in this township for decades, until very recently. Consequently Woodhull Township had a substantial cash reserve. Since the arrival of the interim Board, the giant sucking sound you hear is that reserve draining into Scenic Lakes. Interestingly, Ms. Hasse, Mr. Cribbs, Clerk Starr and Trustee Dodge all live in Scenic Lakes.
Recent drastic budget changes have taken many thousands from the Fire Department and from the Woodhull Twp. Hall, which has some major maintenance needs. The Treasurer has repeatedly tried to divert resources from the Township Park, saying “We don’t use it”…”We” meaning the residents of Scenic Lakes, who have their own private park.
The allegation by Jim Cribbs, repeated by Ms. Hasse, that Pam Slee refused to turn over any Township assets is the last straw. That statement is shameful, and its source is shameless. Pam Slee has been a selfless, diligent and conscientious servant of this community for many years. She bravely persisted in the face of rude and abusive behavior that ignored not only Robert’s Rules of Order but also basic human decency.
I urge you to support Pam Slee for Woodhull Township Treasurer and Bev Lang for Clerk, Rick Betts (who has served our Fire Department for 38 years) and Steve Webb or Jim Brehm for Trustees in the August 2 primary election; and Kay Nickols for Woodhull Township Supervisor in the November general election.

Jan Senneker, Shaftsburg

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