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Letter to the Editor


James P. Hamann, Durand

10:26 am

Independent Editor,

   In reference to the Aug. 23, 2020 article concerning “Recount of Durand Bond Votes Requested,” my advice to the aggrieved elector in the poll book for Gaines Twp., Genesee County, is: please advise your reason for requesting a recount. The bond for Durand district future building and maintenance has passed. Your statement of “talk” is only hearsay, and the count is correct because it was approved as correct by the city clerk. I believe you have a hidden agenda. Let’s move on and get the district the needed funds to keep the schools properly maintained now and improved for the future. Please note if the bond issues fail they will be reintroduced in the future. Let’s support our children, teachers and property values by investing in their future.

James P. Hamann, Durand

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