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Letter to the Editor


James LaRue NHA, FACHCA (retired), Owosso

12:35 pm

Independent Editor,

Once again, I find that what is being said from the county commissioners and what appears as a voting ballot, are two different things. Please read the wording carefully.

The reason I’m voting no is not that I don’t think the “senior citizens service millage proposal” isn’t worth it. I will vote for that issue when that is the only issue on the ballot.

I will not vote for the ballot issue as it is presented in this ballot. Read the last line of the second paragraph.

The same thing was attempted in the ballot issue for the sheriff department millage a couple years ago. The only hope the voters in the county have, is if all the current board is replaced at the same time, which is something I could and would vote for.

What possible reason would anyone not in Owosso Township or the city of Owosso have to vote for taxes not in their jurisdiction or of value to their community.

I would have every voter in Shiawassee County show their support for an honest county board of commissioners, and vote no on August 8.


James LaRue NHA, FACHCA (retired), Owosso

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