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Letter to the Editor


James LaJoye, retired Shiawassee County Sheriff

2:37 pm

Independent Editor,

   I am writing to voice my support for the re-election of Sheriff Brian BeGole for another four-year term. I feel he has done a very good job in his first term under very trying circumstances. It is very difficult to perform the many duties the office requires without a budget to fund such responsibilities.

   Sheriff BeGole came into office without much of a road patrol, and collectively he was able to restore it to a level of minimal coverage. He has shown his ability to make things work with what he has on hand.

   Sheriff BeGole has also addressed the jail issues he is faced with. Without a new jail soon, we the taxpayers will have to outsource our own inmates at a considerable cost to all of us.

   Sheriff BeGole has certainly shown he has the ability to perform the duties admirably, and has strived to bring the Sheriff’s Office back to where it belongs.

   I know we made the right decision four years ago, so please join me in support of Sheriff BeGole for four more years.

James LaJoye, retired Shiawassee County Sheriff

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