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Letter to the Editor


James A. Huguelet, Perry

10:39 am

Independent Editor,
The residents of Shiawassee County have an easy decision this fall in the race for our Sheriff. We have a choice between a really nice guy with less experience as a law enforcement officer than any of our part time guys in Perry or Deputy Sergeant Brian Begole. Sergeant Begole has over a quarter century of experience in law enforcement, a heart to serve the citizens of Shiawassee County, and a much needed desire to unite all our law enforcement units in their common purpose to preserve, protect and defend the people of Shiawassee County. It doesn’t get easier than this. Brian Begole an outstanding lawman or his opponent, a nice guy who would really like to try out being Sheriff. I don’t need a long letter to say that Brian Begole is the right man to be our Sheriff. I will vote for Brian this November and I urge you to join me in making the only qualified candidate Sheriff in 2017. Begole for Shiawassee County Sheriff, it’s the easiest choice we’ll ever get.

James A. Huguelet, Perry

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