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Letter to the Editor


James A Huguelet, Perry

3:34 pm

Independent Editor,

   As we approach this November’s election, we are too easily distracted by a dysfunctional election system at the national level. I hope with this letter to draw attention back to important races here in Shiawassee County. This year, we get to see a rematch for the Sheriff’s Office. In 2016, a wise Shiawassee County electorate gave a 69 percent-plus landslide victory to our Sheriff Brian BeGole.

   In the last four years, Sheriff BeGole has proven he is the man of integrity we expected him to be. He has healed the damage to the relations between the Sheriff’s Office and our local law enforcement offices done by his predecessor. He has provided the public with unprecedented access to himself as sheriff. He is the hardest working sheriff I have ever known. As mayor for the city of Perry, in the last four years I have found Sheriff BeGole to be a model leader and worthy of our deep respect. Shiawassee County needs to reelect Sheriff BeGole, who has dedicated his life to serving this community where he grew up.

   By contrast, he is opposed by Joe. I have become acquainted with Joe over the last several years. Joe is a nice guy. Joe might be the nicest guy you could meet on the street, and if I saw Joe by the roadside struggling to fix a flat tire, I would happily stop and help Joe figure out how to change his tire. But Joe lacks the qualifications to be a professional law man and especially lacks the qualifications to be our sheriff.

   This November I will shake Joe’s hand because he is such a good guy and I will vote to re-elect Sheriff BeGole. I have had the privilege to know Sheriff BeGole since high school, and I can tell you this: Sheriff BeGole would happily stop and help Joe figure out how to change his flat tire, too. We need Sheriff BeGole. Please join me in voting BeGole 2020.

James A Huguelet, Perry

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