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Letter to the Editor


James A. Huguelet, city of Perry mayor

10:49 am

Independent Editor,

I read the article in the Aug. 29 Argus-Press regarding the proposal to bring a marijuana business to the village of Morrice, and I barely recognized the meeting I attended at the Morrice Senior Center on Tuesday, Aug. 28. Reading that article you would have thought I was a leader when the residents of Morrice took their stand. The Morrice Village Council that night pulled back from the brink of disaster for us all when they decided to reconsider what they might do about the proposed pot cultivation business seeking a license in Perry’s good neighbor, the village of Morrice. The residents of Morrice took a stand and declared there will be no marijuana businesses in the Morrice community. It was with pride and pleasure I watched Perry’s neighbors stand and say to their Village Council, “no, you must not bring this dangerous business to our community.” In short order, 102 of our friends in Morrice signed a petition and warned their Village Council that we do not need more pot here in our community. They asked their Village Council to let them vote on this issue and they were told no, they cannot vote “no” to pot in Morrice. They stood against the lie that there is a shortage of pot in Michigan, and the lie that only the village of Morrice can save us from that pot shortage. Perry could not have better neighbors than the citizens of the village of Morrice.

The men seeking to license a business to grow pot in Morrice told us that Flint, Fowlerville, Lansing and Owosso had in their exercise of “tolerance” decided to license “unlimited” pot businesses in their communities. This is not true. They claimed that, despite this, we still have a shortage of pot in Michigan. They claimed that doctors in Michigan had asked them to do something to save us from running out of “medical marijuana” before it is too late. They suggested the Morrice residents were intolerant and ignorant and accused them of stigmatizing an “important medicine.” They accused them of bullying local Morrice businesses to be silent about their support for pot in Morrice. Nothing could be further from the truth. I was shocked to watch the Morrice Village Council provide 35 minutes to the men seeking to license a pot business in Morrice so they could angrily chastise village residents for their intolerance, and after this to use a timer to limit their own citizens as they sought to answer these charges.

Bringing pot to our small community is an invitation to criminals to come and visit us in Morrice and Perry. We must stand together and we must say “no, not here, not in our small family-friendly towns.” Morrice police officers are sworn Perry police officers. Perry police officers are sworn Morrice police officers. We are so close. Every decision we make has a profound effect on both communities. I cannot stand silent. It is I who join with our neighbors in Morrice. We must say “no” to pot businesses and work to protect our families, our children, our schools and our community. I am writing to urge everyone in Morrice and Perry to tell the Morrice Village Council to say “no” to pot and “no” to bringing more drugs and more crime to Morrice and Perry. We must stand together. If we don’t, the price will be far too high.

James A. Huguelet, city of Perry mayor

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