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Letter to the Editor


Jacki Wilson and Ernie West, co-chairs, Kids Always Count in Laingsburg Committee

9:37 am

Independent Editor,

   We are writing to ask for your enthusiastic support of the Laingsburg Community Schools Bond Proposal, which will be on the Tuesday, May 7 election ballot.

   Being active members of the community and school system, we see firsthand the high level of support this community gives to schools and students. Whether it’s for band, drama, wrestling, cheer, basketball, volleyball, soccer, FFA – you name it – we see our friends and neighbors, parents and grandparents all around mid-Michigan wearing their Wolfpack gear. On May 7, we have a chance to support our students – current and future – by supporting a bond proposal that will meet many important needs and enhance their opportunities to excel.

   These needs include creating secure entry points at each building; improving air quality and temperature control at the elementary school; a new 650-seat auditorium at the high school for band, music, drama and community events; a new auxiliary gym and locker rooms at the high school to provide space for students of all ages – many of whom now have to practice late in the evenings or on weekends due to lack of facilities; expanding the band room to accommodate our growing classes; renovating space for our wrestling and cheer programs; replacing four very old buses; and continuing to maintain our existing infrastructure.

   We have been involved with the formulation of the bond proposal for more than a year. We have witnessed firsthand the careful decision-making process that has been undertaken by the board of education, administrators and the community through input from staff, focus groups and multiple community forums and tours of similar facilities to aid our decision-making.

   These efforts have resulted in a well-designed proposal that meets many important needs, enhances our existing facilities and programs, and offers what we hope you will agree is a reasonable cost increase – one which equates to buying just one pepperoni pizza each week!  We are honored to have been asked to be a part of this exciting proposal.

   We all have the opportunity to make a generational impact on the community. Join us May 7 to vote “yes” and invest in our kids’ future!

   If you would like to learn more about this proposal before May 7, visit

Jacki Wilson and Ernie West, co-chairs, Kids Always Count in Laingsburg Committee

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