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Letter to the Editor


Howard Frank Galloway, Owosso

11:26 am

Independent Editor,

   A serious suggestion from little ol’ me, as a resident of Shiawassee County. I write these things without seeking anyone’s consent. Even though Sheriff Brian BeGole sent me an email saying that he would support the Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolution when it is passed by our Shiawassee County Board of Commissioners, I need to see him stand NOW and speak up against the abuse of power coming from Gov. Whitmer and her attorney general, Dana Nessel, who rubber-stamps her boss.

   This is THE opportunity for the residents of Shiawassee County to witness his resolve for protecting our county and state from an orchestrated assault of unconstitutional law(s) against the residents of Michigan. If BeGole doesn’t speak up now publicly against your abused Bill of Rights, including Second Amendment gun rights under her executive order, he’s not going to stand up for your gun rights when Whitmer parades out the red flag laws she has waiting in her “hope chest.”

   Hey, it’s up to each of you to let the sheriff, prosecutor and county commissioners know what your expectations are of their performance. If each county in Michigan did this, we would not have a Gretchen Whitmer as governor. It’s always been up to you. If you can’t affect your own county, you’re not going to affect your state! You know how to find their emails and phone numbers.

Howard Frank Galloway, Owosso

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