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Letter to the Editor


Herbert W. Miller, Byron

1:18 pm

Independent Editor,
The majority of the Byron Village Council wishes to clarify the decision to contract with the Durand Police Department. Issues began in April 2015 when Village President Brunell attempted to fire Chief Sampy for what appeared to be fabricated and unjustified reasons. Because of this, the Council voted that rather than termination, Chief Sampy would receive a verbal reprimand. Motion passed 5-2.
At the May 11 council meeting, the village president continued with new accusations against Chief Sampy. This time for not attending or conference calling 9-1-1 or Scale board meetings and for not paying his share at a police convention. Commissioner Root proved the first two accusations to be false and Chief Sampy proved the third to be false. After these last allegations, Chief Sampy submitted a letter of retirement, which the council accepted at the July 13 meeting.
Here are some important issues that occurred during this same frame of time: April 13 the council suggested Ryan Wilburn act as Chief of Police while Sampy was out of state on business. Wilburn had several years experience stepping in for Chief Sampy without any issues. Wilburn was also the highest ranking officer so these duties always were his responsibility.
At the July 13 meeting, the village president presented Sampy’s retirement letter which was approved 7-0 to go in effect August 10, 2015.  It was well known that Wilburn had the support of the majority of the Village Council since April 2015 and the council assumed Wilburn would be appointed Chief at the Aug. 10 meeting.
August 10 meeting resulted in, instead of appointing Wilburn as Chief, the village president began making accusations that Wilburn had not been fulfilling duties from a “list” since Jan. 2015, which supposedly came from Chief Sampy. To the Council’s knowledge, there was no such “list.”
What does not make sense is that the village president was accusing Wilburn of not doing the duties on the “list” during the very same time she accused Chief Sampy of not doing the same duties.
It became sadly clear the village president had her own self serving agenda in mind and was willing to destroy the Byron Police Department to get her own way. This is why I believe the council voted 6-1 to remove the “politics” from the police department and hire Durand. This was absolutely in the best interest of the Village of Byron at this time. Anyone interested in reviewing the evidence, please contact me.

Herbert W. Miller, Byron

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