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Letter to the Editor


Henry Temple, Corunna

1:50 pm

Independent Editor,

I am disgustingly amazed at the language being used on late night TV by hosts of these shows and some of the top leadership in this country. I don’t watch the late night shows. However, I hear what is said by TV commentators reporting on these late night hosts. It seems to me that all dignity, respect, and consideration is gone. Likewise, some of the politicians of recent date, namely Democrats, are using language that is crude, vain, vulgar, and certainly unacceptable for those who want to be leaders. To me their language is a direct reflection on their upbringing, and causes me to wonder how they brought their children up.

I have been around enough to remember even though the Republicans were greatly disappointed in the election of President Obama and his crew, the Republicans were not so vulgar and disrespectful to the presidency. They attempted to put down any and all unrests that is so fully shown today. I am embarrassed to take my wife and other ladies out with what you hear over the airways. I know we have freedom of speech in this country, but there is a line that should be drawn when it comes to disrespecting other people.

Again, I would state, I wonder what kind of upbringing those who use the above language had. For intellectual people, it seems to me, that their use of the English language is pretty shallow.

Let us make America great.

Henry Temple, Corunna

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