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Letter to the Editor


Henry Temple, Corunna

10:20 am

Independent Editor,

   I have something positive to express. During the Home Tour, my wife and I were assigned to the Paymaster Building as hosts, While there, I had a picture implanted in my mind I don’t think I will ever forget. A young lady very finely attired came by pushing a baby carriage, which I will say had a very beautiful baby in it (she must have taken after her mom). Mom and baby went down to sit at a bench, fortunately, facing the Paymaster Building. This fact is important; it was setting the picture.

   After sitting there, the mother got Charlotte out of the carriage and put her down on the table and the baby did whatever is done at times like that. After a while I saw a young deputy sheriff join the family (he was on break). Then came the picture that is in my heart. With the background of a blue sky, the river, a tree providing some shade, he stood as the mom brought the stroller around, and for a split minute, they stood side by side looking at the river. Charlotte’s parents stood tall and walked proudly away, dad back to his duties and mom to God’s gift to both of them.

   Charlotte, you are so blessed to have the parents you have. That was my blessing for the day from God; love, hope, peace, serenity, security.

Henry Temple, Corunna

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