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Letter to the Editor


Henry Tempel, Corunna

4:03 pm

Independent Editor,

I have dear friends who, since 1991 on Memorial Day in particular, have taken flowers to the Corunna Cemetery and placed them on the family plot. This year was no exception. On Friday, May 18, they bought a beautiful hanging basket, hung it on a shepherd’s crook and placed it on the gravesite. They went back on Saturday, May 19 to see it, only to find a human crook, or thief, had been there before them and removed the hanging plant. That seems pretty low to me. With their plant either on another gravesite or at the thief’s home, how can they be comfortable? Is that the right way to honor and respect your loved ones? Sad to say, there are people in the world who only care about self.

Henry Tempel, Corunna

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