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Letter to the Editor


Helen Roberts, Rauce-Tower VFW Auxiliary Post #5822

12:11 pm

Independent Editor,

How many veterans attended your local Memorial Day parade this year? How many came forward to be recognized? I’m sad to say, at our local parade, we only had a handful of veterans.

I’ve seen how a veteran’s face lights up or they stand a little straighter when someone thanks them, or acknowledges them, for their service. We thank all of you. We are blessed to have so many men and women that were proud to serve and we are very grateful for everything they have done.

I know this because my dad was a veteran. He was a life-member of the Rauch Tower VFW Post #5822 and served them well for years. But, he passed away last year and we’ve lost another good veteran.

Now, it is my turn to step-up for the veterans. My family has always helped veterans in our community, and as VFW Auxiliary members, we support our post. They need to increase their numbers now, or they will no longer exist.

The Memorial Day Parade this year, should be an eye-opener for the Byron community. If the post fails to get members, all the good they do will no longer happen. No more Memorial Day Parade, no more flags at Byron’s veteran graves, no more Christmas baskets for veterans and their families, no more bike decorating contests, etc. And the help our local veterans get from the VFW and Auxiliary, won’t be there.

The VFW needs members and we know that our community is full of them and most would join if they knew all the great things the VFW and Auxiliary do for the area.

If you are a veteran and don’t mind that the Byron Post doesn’t have a “bar or building of it’s own,” then this is the post for you. They do many good things for the Byron community and it would be a great loss if it had to close.

Please help us to get our membership up. You may contact Bob Burlew at (810) 266-5578 for information on requirements to join or call Rose Thompson or Helen Roberts at (810) 266-4969 to join the auxiliary. We will be happy to hear from you.

Thank you and God Bless America!

Helen Roberts,

Rauce-Tower VFW Auxiliary Post #5822

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