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Letter to the Editor


Harold Wells, W. Hibbard Road

2:45 pm

Independent Editor,

I’m not sure how many people in Owosso know about the Memorial Healthcare Hospice Volunteer Care. Not all hospices are the same, but I would like to inform those who don’t know, what an outstanding organization this is. Some of the Memorial Healthcare volunteers have “labored in love” for around 30 years and some for as little as three, like myself.

Five years ago, my wife, Linda, found out she had cancer and not arthritis as she had been led to believe. At one point, as she went through the process of cancer treatment, she decided to meet with Memorial Healthcare Hospice to help her work through her options. They were informative, kind and compassionate. Memorial Healthcare Hospice provided so much love and support to Linda.

One volunteer came to give her sponge baths. Nurses visited and helped her through the diseases progression. Another volunteer came on Sundays to sit with her, which allowed me to attend church services, and a volunteer pastor came to visit her. They were so kind and supportive that after her passing, I felt compelled to volunteer my services in helping those that needed help.

Harold Wells, W. Hibbard Road

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