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Letter to the Editor


Gwen Ordway, Owosso

10:51 am

Independent Editor,

Nearly 12 years ago, I became a volunteer of a kind, caring and loving group called Memorial Healthcare Hospice. I attended the volunteer training sessions which explained how the program worked and gave me the important tools and information to be of service to hospice families in Shiawassee County and surrounding area.

Memorial Healthcare Hospice consists of a team of professionals that work directly with those families in need of help with a family member that is entering their last day on earth. This team includes physicians, nurses, nurse-aides, social workers, clergy and trained volunteers, They are on call in our county 24 hours a day to provide physical, emotional and spiritual support. Bereavement support is also offered afterwards.

Volunteers help out in other ways, also. We have a flower ministry that delivers flowers to families during the month. We also are involved in pet therapy for those accepting it. Small trained and licensed dogs have had behavior training are introduced to those patients who wish to have a visit. Patients can pet them and talk to them. This brings much comfort and joy.

As a volunteer, I find it very rewarding to be of help to our hospice families. I get back much more than I give. This is a difficult time for these families as they are experiencing stress and hurting. I am thankful I can be there to be of support for them. It is a privilege and honor. I am so grateful I joined this group of special people that servesĀ our community.

You can reach Memorial Healthcare Hospice Volunteer Coordinator Lori Luchenbill at (989) 413-7277. Please leave a message.

Gwen Ordway, Owosso

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