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Letter to the Editor


Gina Mulcahy, Corunna

11:59 am

Independent Editor,

In the Wednesday, April 18 edition of The Argus-Press, it was stated that the wind company Apex was pulling out of their project. This sounds like a big publicity stunt to get their leaseholders riled that they might not get their money. The untrue statement from Mr. Hawkens (Apex) that the board chose to ignore thoughtful recommendations based on science and facts and instead went with emotion is so far from the truth. Citizens of this county, for the past year and half, have spent countless hours of research – scientific research – along with speaking to people who actually live the in the path of wind farms, visited wind farms and sat through the many meetings reviewing the ordinance. Apex stopped going to the meetings halfway through last year. I guess it really wasn’t important to them to be there at the meetings.

The citizens of this county are seeking to protect their property rights, as well as property values! Why should we give up the use of our property, endure any shadow flicker of any kind on our property, put up with a noise or low frequency noise on our property or in our homes, red blinking lights on our property, or a view that is ruined by wind turbines? We have rights also. We, the citizens of this county, believe that the ordinance should be based on the health, welfare and safety of its citizens and not on the whim of wind companies and the handful of leaseholders that will be paid.

Gina Mulcahy, Corunna

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