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Letter to the Editor


Gerald D. Lostracco, Owosso

10:51 am

Independent Editor,
I am proud to be supporting Caroline Wilson to be our next County Clerk. She is honest, competent, and a 21 year employee of the Friend of the Court, which is an arm of the Circuit Court.
In the final phases of this campaign, hundreds of unsuspecting Shiawassee County voters are being subjected to “Robo” (telephone) calls directed against Caroline Wilson. The callers are faceless, nameless, and cowardly. Their “message” is full of lies and purports to be paid by entities which are fictitious and non-existent. It is such disgusting, low ball, low brow, morally corrupt tactics which, in part, prompt this letter.
The other reason for this letter is a letter by attorney McClear which takes issue with former Judge Clatterbaugh and myself supporting Caroline Wilson’s candidacy. She refers to our support as “insidery.” I believe she meant to use the word “incendiary.” She failed to disclose that she has represented Lauri and Dennis Braid in litigation.
I do not apologize for my support. As a Circuit Judge for 30 years, it was my responsibility to work closely with the office of county clerk. My personal and professional relationships with previous clerks John Pajtas and Elna Thatcher were pleasant and productive. They never lied to me or treated myself, the Circuit Court and members of our staff with rudeness, arrogance or disrespect. As Prosecuting Attorney from 1974-1980, I represented Shiawassee County elected officials, including the County Clerk (then Elan Thatcher). I have insight into how these officials and offices should operate on behalf of
the public.
Neither I or the public need Lauri Braid’s attorney to tell us that insight of former judges or the opinion of retirees is no longer relevant or useful to the voting public’s right to be informed of the merits of various candidates for public office.
Lauri Braid’s attorney has borrowed a page from the playbook of ‘Criminal Defense 101’ used by countless defendants over the years when faced with a strong case against them: First, go after the investigating police by discrediting them and their investigation. When that fails, go after the prosecutor. When that fails, and after conviction and sentence, you finally go after the judge.

Gerald D. Lostracco, Owosso

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