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Letter to the Editor


Fred Beyers

11:09 am

Editor, The Independent:

Just as was the case in the late 1970s early 1980s when there were many ignorant, uninformed comments and discussions regarding automobile safety; once we got to the point of ignoring the fringe elements (on both ends of the spectrum) actions (yes, government-mandated actions) were adopted which today no one opposes – oops. I’m sure there are still a few kooks who oppose seat belts and airbags, etc. – which have made our roadways immensely safer today even though we have twice as many vehicles and a bunch of idiots who text away while driving!

Such comments as “automobiles don’t kill” made just as much sense toward promoting safety advances as “guns don’t kill.” Getting past such idiotic comments to consider what reasonable actions can and should be taken, although difficult, will eventually result in beneficial actions that will not be any more repressive to the average citizen than clicking a seat belt or driving a vehicle with an airbag!

Fred Beyers, Frostproof, Fla. (cold weather)

And Vandekarr Road, Owosso (warm weather)

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