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Letter to the Editor


Fred Beyers, Owosso

10:51 am

Independent Editor,

   I believe that the happiest politician in the U.S. today, is Donald Trump…another four or more months of replays of the last two nights and he will not need any assistance from the Russians or anyone else.

My take following the two recent Democratic debates:

   A Democratic ticket of Bernie and anyone – Trump wins both the popular and electoral votes. If it’s Warren or Harris for president and anyone for VP – a carbon copy of 2016, even to include a Democratic win of the popular vote. Although Warren does not have a significant fraction of Hillary’s baggage, she has enough to be able to lose, and both Warren and Harris do not (and will not) have the appeal to win a few of the critical states necessary to carry the electoral vote.

   I believe Biden for president and Harris would win with substantial majority of both popular and electoral votes, but they need to form a ticket now – not a year from now – and campaign as a ticket rather than as individual contestants.

   What sort of idiocy requires that a vice presidential candidate should be “picked” by the presidential nominee who has been maligned by some of the strongest potential VP nominees for the last year or more?

   By the way, any other pair that might believe they would be stronger together should do likewise. Oh yes, at least fourteen of the twenty should simply find something more constructive to do.

Fred Beyers, Owosso

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