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Letter to the Editor


Frank Vyskocil, Corunna

2:51 pm

Independent Editor,

   The purpose of this letter is to issue my enthusiastic support for the upcoming bond proposals (May 4) to improve and build additional school facility space for our Corunna School District students. 

   I have been a resident, taxpayer and active supporter of Corunna Public Schools for more years than I can remember – and I care deeply for the district and want to see continued success and a continued motion forward for our students. Corunna Public Schools is one of the finest schools in the state. 

   The teachers are dedicated to their craft and do an excellent job of preparing our students. The support and administrative staff is friendly and responsive to student needs. The curriculum is engaging, rigorous and aimed at specific learning targets and goals for continued school improvement. 

   In short, our students are getting a quality education. I believe it is our responsibility to support our students by voting “YES” and “YES” on both proposals. Like the saying goes, “It is Great to be Gold!” 


Frank Vyskocil, Corunna

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