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Letter to the Editor


Everyl Yankee, Morrice

5:42 pm

Independent Editor,

We live in the heart of Michigan’s automobile industry area. Much of the innovation in the auto industry was born here. Technological innovation – over 100 years worth – has provided many of us with a livelihood, as well as the great pride we continue to have from building excellent automotive products.

However, President Trump and his administration are threatening our ability to innovate and compete by rolling back the Obama-era 54.5 MPG fuel efficiency standards. These standards not only reduce carbon and other air pollutants, but also help us continue to keep competitive in the industry; Japan, Germany, and other countries are already working toward these standards.

The EPA and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s technical review of our current fuel economy shows that the standards are working, and also that higher standards can be met.

President Trump and his administration must support these standards and not roll back our economy and our environment. We want to continue to breathe clean air, live in and work for a safe environment, save money on our fuel, and continue to create Michigan and American jobs.


Everyl Yankee, Morrice

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