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Letter to the Editor


Everyl Yankee, Morrice

10:23 am

Independent Editor,

   Ford and GM are planning to produce 60 different types of electric vehicles (EVs) in the next three years, but Michigan isn’t prepared. We are ahead of China on electric vehicle technology and patents but behind on sales, development and infrastructure. For example, in 2018 Michigan accounted for less than 1 percent of EV sales in the U.S.

   The top reason cited for Michiganders’ low confidence in EVs is “range anxiety,” and with just over 1,000 chargers operational, the state is lacking in the infrastructure to support this transition.

   Right now, there is a bill package in the state legislature (House Bills 4786 through 4789 and Senate Bills 406 through 409) that would ease the range anxiety concern and start building the charging infrastructure needed to support EV adoption. The bills would allow the installation or leasing of space for charging stations at state parks and park-and-ride lots, as well as provide tax incentives for businesses and multi-unit dwellings to install charging stations. The bills would also direct MDOT to build out a statewide charging network in coordination with utilities and private businesses.

   Chargers – placed at small businesses or multi-family dwellings – will fully charge your vehicle in anywhere from two to 17 hours. Charge while at work or while sleeping at home.

   Contact your representative or senator and ask them to support these bipartisan bills. Visit a dealership to check out EVs and to encourage dealers by showing your interest. They will be transitioning to EVs and need our support, too.

Everyl Yankee, Morrice

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