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Letter to the Editor


Eugene Allardyce, Owosso

1:49 pm

Independent Editor,

There are three proposals on the Michigan 2018 November ballot. Proposal 1 legalizes recreational marijuana. The worst catastrophe to befall the U.S. since WWII is the exponential rise in substance abuse. There never was and never will be a drug-free U.S., but legalizing a “gateway drug” is a step in the wrong direction. Medical marijuana is, of course, an exception.

Proposal 2 would change the Michigan constitution in regard to congressional redistricting. Redistricting is done by the party in control of the state legislature every 10 years. This proposal was placed on the ballot thanks to signatures gathered by the group “Voters Not Politicians.” Nice name, but not entirely true. The National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC) dumped $250,000 into the initiative in September. The NDRC is chaired by President Obama’s former attorney general, Eric Holder. This is a national initiative of the Democratic Party.

Most states are currently controlled by Republicans. The Democratic Party did not win on the ballot, so they are trying to steal the power to re-district that voters gave to their duly elected legislatures. In the interest of “fairness,” Proposal 2 proposes a commission made up of four Republicans and four Democrats, plus five members who are “independent.” But, the “independents” would be chosen by the Secretary of State, a partisan office. No criteria is specified to define an “independent,” and in this currently hyper-partisan climate, I don’t believe that any actually exist. Make no mistake! This is a blatant Democratic Party initiative to dilute the Republican mandate which we have given our state. If the Democrats were in control of the legislature, this would not be on the ballot.

Please read Proposal 3. It mandates many changes to our current voter registration and voting. Military absentee voting is also included in the proposal, but is already completely controlled by the military. The State of Michigan is only involved in counting the ballots when they arrive, and that is already being done. I see this inclusion as a “gimmick” to push through the changes, which would serve only to enable voter fraud.

All three of these proposals are Democratic Party ploys to turn out their radical base. We voted to “Make America Great Again” in 2016. If you want to continue to MAGA, you need to vote on November 6 to defeat the usual Democrat dirty tricks.

Eugene Allardyce, Owosso

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