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Letter to the Editor


Eddie Urban, Owosso

7:51 pm

Independent Editor,

   Thank you to the Independent for running that story on Sunday, May 31 about Owosso being named Michigan’s most patriotic city of 2020. It sure was a good pick up for me to read it at 2:15 a.m. before I went to bed. I was born to be a hunter and trapper and a soldier like my grandfather. I would do it again if my country asked me to go to war. Though I was actually wounded four times on the four tours I went through in 10.5 months, I actually had it easy, mentally and stress-wise, anyway. You see, I went to Vietnam as a Christian. I was there to die for my God and really thought I was suppose to be killed as Jesus was for our sins. So with that concept in my life, it made me less stressed and worried about being killed.

   I am in a lot of veteran organizations and am very proud of all of them. When people see me, wearing my Purple Heart hat and thank me for being a veteran, if I remember and they have time, I say to them, “That was a long time ago but I would do it again. Always thank a fireman, paramedic or nurse because they are keeping people safe today.”

Eddie Urban, Owosso

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