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Letter to the Editor


Eddie Urban, Owosso

2:28 pm

Independent Editor,

   My good friend Burton Fox died. I will miss him, probably more than I imagined in my life. He was always true and fair.

   He was a Vietnam Veteran and Owosso City Council Member and an ordained minister for incarcerated people in jail.

   He had a show on Charter TV about religion on Public Education and Government (PEG) as I did, but my show was about people, education and government. So, I went around interviewing them where they worked, lived or at their clubs. It was called the Eddie Urban Show.

   We were very good friends to the point that when I stopped over to his house, we talked so much, his wife would get up and go watch TV in their bedroom. He talked to me so much my throat got sore.

   What a man he was of wisdom and kindness. He was like a guru or a monk to me. What he did best and I have not mastered it yet, was the fact that he would always think first before he said what he was thinking.

   I once said in a city hall meeting that I always thought of him as a father figure to me. Burt Fox is smart from all the experiences he has had in his life being out and about so much. He was always a laid back sort of man. Many times, I have watched his work at city hall meetings.

   When an Owosso resident was disgruntled at the city council members, Mr. Fox could usually calm that person down to relax somewhat so they could all work together. So, because of Father Burt, I try to do the same, but in my own style.

   I am not a smart man, nor can I repeat a good funny joke that I heard. But at a meeting, or any time or place I am at, my mind can process something funny to say and I can spit it out in a split second and make people laugh. I am computer and cell phone illiterate and before all the masks being worn today, a friend of mine said, “Ed, even though you are very religious and want to be a Christian, you have a guilty look about your face.” Now, whenever I go into a bank, I feel like I’m a robber because I have a mask on and look guilty. I talk slow and make up my own lingo slang. I always say, I “toe” you, instead of I “told” you so.

   Even Burt knew if I could make people laugh at me, it’s good. I know I made them feel good for a change in their life, even if only for a moment. They were cured by my medicine (making them laugh).

   Thank you, Burt Fox, for all the good memories of us. I hope I will be able to mimic you and my real father until the day I die. Burt, this letter has been a tribute to you from everybody that knew you, one way or another, they respected you like I do. Especially the City Hall of Owosso, Michigan and anybody you met. Thank you, Burt and goodbye.

Eddie Urban, Owosso

Note: Eddie Urban is a veteran and resident who regularly attends Owosso City Council meetings.

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