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Letter to the Editor


Eddie Urban, Owosso

3:32 pm

Independent Editor,

   I said, he said, I say … I told a good friend that sometimes I don’t vote for president and he got all excited and mad at me, telling me that old saying, “If you don’t vote, then you don’t have a right to cry later.” In my case, he is so wrong. All veterans that were in deadly combat and including police officers that did or do carry a gun, paid their dues to not vote if they choose to do so and yet still have the right to complain. No American has paid more in their life to keep us all safe and free to vote in the first place.

   I feel the police had it worse than me in the Vietnam jungle. I didn’t know the enemy personally, but they did want to kill me. The police, however, personally do know some of the bad people, but not all. They have to arrest their neighbors, relatives and important, popular people. What a great strain on them that is to have daily. In the service, I turned down being a tank commander because I did not want to be in charge of someone else’s life. That is why I don’t always vote for president if I am not sure who I want to be in charge of our American lives. When I don’t vote for president, afterwards my soul feels so good, so relaxed and so happy that I really feel that the right person did win – and it was me.

   Also, I just used my freedom of speech that I earned, too.

Thank you,

Eddie Urban, Owosso

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