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Letter to the Editor


Eddie Urban, Owosso

12:04 pm

Independent Editor,

   A writer wrote in the Argus Press on July 31 that prisoners don’t deserve air conditioners for their sins of wrong doings to the public. He states that all of them, if found guilty, are just that – guilty. Well, I say to him that he has a small brain or never read the two local newspapers here in Owosso. They both cover the courts and prison life.

   Whatever put them in prison was not always the cops, detectives, lawyers, prosecutors or even the judge. Sometimes it’s not even the accused that was found guilty. Sometimes, the law moves too fast to close up an important case and misses evidence or is sloppy. That is when the wrong man or woman is condemned to prison for something that they never did at all. It has been mistaken identity or a witness lying to the judge. Many, many facts are involved here. Today we have better testing procedures and lab work like DNA and more technology like cellphone tracking and so many hidden cameras all over businesses and homes that don’t all get checked out in time. When that once free citizen is told they could not have done the crime, they are set free and will receive money for compensation.

Eddie Urban, Owosso

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