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Letter to the Editor


Ed Urban, Owosso

10:09 am

Independent Editor,

   Broken Heart Syndrome does really exist. I know since I had it once. It is often brought on by stressful situations such as the death of a loved one. It will make you think you are dying of a heart attack, but all tests come back negative. Some longtime married, elderly couples die within days or weeks apart because of loneliness or a broken heart. I had the VA say that I was okay. Well, I wasn’t okay.

   On Valentine’s Day, sitting at the end of my bed, feeling bad, I was listening to the Channel 12 News and not just watching it. Boy, was I ever glad to hear it, too. They were talking about Broken Heart Syndrome where older people die days apart.

   They just diagnosed me. And right then and there, I was cured on the spot, off my bed. I stopped in to them at the news for curing me. When I left them, I sent on down to my appointment at the VA in Saginaw and told them I diagnosed myself with the help of the news.

   Why I wrote the first part of this letter is because of the death of James Matthew Stewart. With his wonderful families, I’m sure that there are a lot of broken hearts out there because he left this Earth so soon. I feel a child should never die before the parents, but sadly it does sometimes happen.

God bless his family,

Ed Urban, Owosso

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