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Letter to the Editor


Earle D. Knapp, Corunna

2:33 pm

Independent Editor,

   I am very concerned that the city of Corunna has failed miserably in carrying out its responsibilities in the planning and organization of the city of Corunna Sesquicentennial (1869 through 2019). Since this celebration is calendar-based, no one should say it was unexpected or a surprise, unless you believe that it was a surprise 150 years in the making.

   While not wanting to point fingers or address specific shortcomings, I think it is most important that because it is already February of the celebration year, that the city focuses on the future and redouble their efforts on making this celebration successful.

   If the city of Corunna professional staff employees cannot manage the planning and organizational responsibilities of this celebration, then more volunteers and possibly outside professionals should be sought.

   I would therefore ask that Corunna City Manager Joseph Sawyer thoroughly review the entire planning and organizational aspects of the city of Corunna Sesquicentennial Celebration and make a formal report to the council at their next session.

   Thank you very much for your consideration.

Earle D. Knapp, Corunna

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