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Letter to the Editor


Donald Downie, Laingsburg

11:37 am

Independent Editor,
What are you hiding? Former Woodhull Supervisor refuses to return assets and  records Woodhull Township has had to go to court- at significant cost to taxpayers- to try to obtain assets and records held by ex-supervisor Slee following her abrupt resignation in May 2016. After six months of attempts and a court order, Slee still has not provided the records. What are you hiding
Pam Slee?
A computer purchased with Township funds remains at Slee’s home. Is this a sense of entitlement or just plain stealing?  This is the Treasurer-elect of the Township who will be handling your tax dollars.
We need to retain Diane  Hasse for  Supervisor to have some oversight on the Board.

Donald Downie, Laingsburg

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