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Letter to the Editor


Dennis Novak, Owosso

3:23 pm

Independent Editor,

   If you study history and the wave of dictators and fascism that swept through Europe in the 1930s, a disturbing pattern emerges. Control the press; vilify real and perceived enemies (or worse); they promise to clean up corruption, but are worse than the previous administration; they enrich themselves; appeal to the most conservative, even claiming to be religious to add to their legitimacy, feed the public lies and propaganda that the “good” citizens way of life is under siege and should fear for their future, but they can protect you; never condemn the extremists (because they may be willing to do the dirty work); they are the law, not the police or the courts; they want to be a leader for life … This sounds a lot like Donald Trump. Think carefully about the path this country could be taking when you vote.

Dennis Novak, Owosso

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