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Letter to the Editor


Dennis Hrcka

9:26 am

Editor, The Independent:

The recent undercover video showing Planned Parenthood’s organ harvesting at their abortion clinics shows the need for greater scrutiny of abortion clinic practices. It also is a disgusting reminder of how our priorities as a society in valuing human life are in need of a serious reality check. Why did it take an undercover video to learn of this apparently common practice? Why should taxpayers like myself be forced to provide more than $500 million in funding to Planned Parenthood every year?

Planned Parenthood opposes letting women see ultrasounds before abortions, but supports using ultrasounds to procure organs from the body of the woman’s child. Is that because they only stand to gain financially if the woman goes through with an abortion? We should respect all human lives, not reduce them to parts for sale. I do no support abortion, not the grotesque sale of body parts taken from human beings without their consent. Please don’t force me to be complicit in these horrific actions.

Dennis Hrcka, President, Right to Life of Shiawassee County

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