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Letter to the Editor


Dennis Hrcka, Owosso

4:31 pm

Independent Editor,

   Recently a friend of mine had to euthanize his dog due to its age and a variety of other health related issues. Losing your pet is extremely hard and emotional in the first place, but this was his first and only dog, so that added to the difficulty.

   When he consulted with his vet about the process, he discovered he was not allowed to accompany his dog into the room where he would be euthanized as per the regulations from our governor’s executive order. How devastating.

   I am not writing to present a case for or against the governor’s executive order. Rather, as I thought about the situation with this man who wanted to be with his companion in his final moments, I thought about the fact that while our governor was all about protecting lives in situations like this, she has had the abortion mills open and operating throughout this pandemic.

   Putting aside all health and safety regulations to allow the destruction of unborn children is obviously a huge priority of hers and makes me question her sincerity when speaks about saving the lives of “Michiganders.” She should add an asterisk that clarifies that she is interested in saving the lives of already born Michiganders, just not the lives of unborn Michiganders.

Dennis Hrcka, Owosso

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