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Letter to the Editor


Dennis Hrcka

2:37 pm

Independent Editor,
The Easter season, particularly Good Friday, leaves me reflecting on the haunting question Pilate asks Jesus, “What is truth?” I am convinced that we know the truth in most, if not all, instances, but oft’ times we choose to ignore it.
Even a half-hearted effort at finding the truth about Planned Parenthood would reveal that they daily drive a wedge between children and their parents. They’ve been caught red-handed promoting sex-selection abortions, racially-motivated abortions, covering up sex trafficking, and routinely concealing sexual abuse and statutory rape. Recently, Planned Parenthood has been caught engaging in a sinister side business of harvesting and then selling fetal body parts for profit. Yet every day we are forced to support P.P. with our tax dollars to the tune of $533,000,000 in 2015 alone That’s more than $1,500,000 a day. To top it off, one news source reported that P.P. will spend $20,000,000 to influence the election.
Here’s a brief look at their 2014-15 report compared to one just 10 years earlier: Clients-down 14 percent, women receiving birth-control down 14 percent, breast exams-down 61 percent, mammogram-forget-it they don’t do them now and never did. On the other hand, abortions are up 27 percent and tax funding up a whopping 103 percent.
On the bright side, Michigan eliminated P.P. funding from our state budget and just recently Florida became the 12th state to follow suit. Sadly, the majority of funding comes from the Federal government and even though Congress passed legislation defunding P.P., President Obama vetoed the legislation. One
consolation was that at least members of Congress had to vote “Yes” or “No” for the record.
A wholehearted effort to uncover the corrupt nature of this organization and others in the abortion industry (P.P. does about a third of all abortions in America today) would be beneficial to women. As you may have noticed, P.P. has done its best to avoid discussion whatsoever regarding abortion. They immediately focus on “women’s health,” the “war on women” and the endless chatter about how women simply cannot survive without P.P. If you think women can’t live without them, know that a recent study just released reported that there are 13,540 clinics providing comprehensive health care of women available in every nook and cranny of this country. Planned Parenthood has 665 centers. That’s 20 clinics offering healthcare for women for every one P.P. Center. The discussion has always been about “redirecting funding,” never about “eliminating” funding for women’s healthcare.
I challenge you to visit (RTL.ORG) and watch the videos on P.P., then share that information
with others.

Dennis Hrcka
President, Right to Life of Shiawassee County

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