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Letter to the Editor


Denice Grace, Curwood SAGA Writing Contest Chair

1:09 pm

Independent Editor,

They say it takes a village and I agree; the recent Curwood Festival is a great example. It was wonderful to see so many volunteers come together to put on such a wonderful weekend. The Curwood Festival Board went above and beyond to facilitate as many events as they could, even if it meant doing it themselves. My event is another example of it taking a village. I am the chairperson of the Curwood SAGA writing contest. This contest is open to all Shiawassee County students in grades 4 through 12, to encourage students to write a story in the Curwood style. Many people came together to make my event possible. I would like to thank my sponsors: Senator Rick Jones, Cordier Excavating, Councilman Burton Fox, Coldwell Banker agent Chuck Stoner, Jumbo’s Burger Bar, and Gilbert’s Hardware and Appliance, who all donated to make my event possible. I would also like to thank my fellow readers and judges who I wish to remain anonymous. I would like to thank Owosso Middle School teacher, Greg Hall, who encouraged his class to participate. In addition, a big shout out to Signature Ford who donated a car for the parades, and employee, Lindsey Cramner, for driving. However, I also have to thank you, the citizens of Owosso. Thank you for all who came out to the parade and either clapped, yelled encouraging words, or just supported the winners. It meant a lot to those kids to be recognized for the work that they have done.


Thank you,

Denice Grace

Curwood SAGA Writing Contest Chair

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