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Letter to the Editor


Darrell Klein, Perry

11:17 am

Independent Editor,

It is time to “drain the swamp” and fire Senator Stabenow in November.

Stabenow is little more than a Chuck Schumer puppet. Schumer might as well be our senator as Stabenow votes the way Schumer wants her to most of the time, thus becoming nearly a total obstructionist to our current economic boom.

Stabenow even voted against our middle class tax cuts. We are spending and saving those extra dollars, creating more jobs and higher wages – no thanks to Stabenow.

Stabenow says she is not against the second amendment, but that is not true. She continuously votes against judges that are pro-second amendment and pro-Constitution. Judges take an oath to uphold the Constitution, not petty special interest favors. Stabenow even refuses to interview and support Supreme Court Bret Kavanaugh. Must be Schumer told her not to.

We all support legal immigration as all of us are descendents of those who entered the country legally. Stabenow supports illegals that are pouring across our borders by refusing to fund a border wall that is badly needed. A country without borders is no longer a country.

Did not Stabenow take an oath to uphold the Constitution when she entered the U.S. Senate? But it seems she is just another “give away” socialist. Socialism has never ever worked and it never will.

The Constitution’s greatness is that it limits the power of government. Socialism increases the power of government and reduces the power of the people through “give away” programs that the people must comply with to get the “give away.”

Only now, at election time, do we hear from her that she is out there “fighting for us.” Enough is enough. Fire Stabenow. Drain the swamp.

Darrell Klein, Perry

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