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Letter to the Editor


Dan DeKorte, Laingsburg police chief

2:09 pm

Independent Editor,

   As the chief of the Laingsburg Police Department, I have had the opportunity to work with Sheriff BeGole for several years. Brian has established the concept of teamwork and cooperation with the other police agencies in Shiawassee County. He has deputized the police chiefs of these agencies in order to put the citizens of Shiawassee County first. No previous sheriff would undertake this concept of working together.

   Running an efficient Sheriff’s Office is a very complex task that includes overseeing the jail, road patrol, detective bureau, dispatch and homeland security, etc. Joe Ibarra does not have the qualification or experience to run the Sheriff’s Office or a police agency.

   Despite some people wanting to discredit the sheriff with negative press, Sheriff BeGole has proven himself as a competent, trustworthy, hard working leader who maintains a high level of integrity. Brian BeGole is the best person for sheriff of Shiawassee County.

Dan DeKorte,

Laingsburg police chief

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