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Letter to the Editor


Crooked Tree Nursery

11:32 am

Independent Editor,

   Crooked Tree Nursery “Gets Crooked” this holiday season! What a wonderful season we had here at the nursery. In an effort to bring friends together and wrap up the year, we hosted several wine and wreath classes. For $30, guests would receive a handmade, live wreath and all the supplies for decoration, with food and spirits bought by the recipients. “It is kind of like packing for a fun picnic,” one guest stated.

   This pilot run gave groups of women a chance to come together, use their creative juices and make treasured memories over a glass of wine and lots of laughter. It is the nursery’s vision that by offering this space, we will help foster a safe and creative atmosphere, while enhancing relationships between others. The overall success of this season’s wine and wreath workshop has inspired us to host a variety of other events throughout the year. We invite ladies, gentlemen, kids, friends and groups of all sizes to join us in our new creative journey. We are also exploring the possibility of taking these workshops/classes to a commercial setting for team building and other group-based learning experiences. Stay tuned for a detailed schedule of classes including succulent bowls, paint and pot, annual planters, fall mum and variety planters, wreath, grave blankets and porch pots.

Happy holidays,

Crooked Tree Nursery

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