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Letter to the Editor


Connie Lapham, Perrinton

10:42 am

Editor, The Independent:

It is troubling to me to view recent events on television where the local law enforcement officers, the men and women who put their lives on the line every day, are being vilified and made out to be “the bad guy” even before all of the facts are gathered.

Most of us would not put ourselves in the situations that these people deal with daily. What has changed in our country to cause so much distrust and hatred toward those who put on uniforms and go out on the streets to protect lives and property? Our society is failing children by not teaching that these men and women deserve respect.

Thankfully, central Michigan has not had to deal with anything similar to what took place recently in Baltimore or Missouri. I hope we never do. But if trouble does develop here, I pray that our citizens will support law enforcement and let them know how much we value and appreciate them. Laws and law enforcement are necessary for an orderly society.

Connie Lapham, Perrinton

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