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Letter to the Editor


Commissioner Les Schneider

2:45 pm

Independent Editor,
A little over three years ago, when I was first elected to District 4 County Commissioner. I began by asking for accountability in the various departments. I was received and treated well by the department heads, except by our then county administrator and the Veteran Affairs director; they both refused my requests for accountability from their departments. After many months and requests, the county administrator decided to seek employment elsewhere. Meanwhile the Veterans Affairs director decided to maintain her non-cooperative attitude toward my requests. She has stated that I have a vendetta against her, for various reasons. I am still waiting for documented proof of the VA offices accountability. I have received reports that question the use of county funds, by that office, from other sources.
Four of the present commissioners have been consistently attempting to block my requests. These commissioners have insulted the other three commissioners by removing them from committees without reason. These commissioners have also extended their bad treatment to the public that attend the commissioners meetings. They have insulted and shouted at, anyone that asks a question that they don’t like. The four commissioners decided to reappoint the two VA members whom terms were up, to the Veterans Affairs Committee, against the veterans that filled the commissioners’ chambers in December 2015 and January 2016. Asking the commissioners to consider the seven veterans that had applied for those vacant positions.  But, the chairman was busy playing on his cell phone to pay attention and listen to the vets. The result? Same as always, the four commissioners ignored the wishes of the veterans and did what they wanted for their own reasons! All the veterans left those meetings disgusted with the way that they were treated.
For these reasons, I am running for District 4 County Commissioner; my hope is that commissioners Root and Holzhousen feel as I do. We are the only commissioners that are serving the public and not ourselves.

Commissioner Les Schneider

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