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Letter to the Editor


Clare Goff, Owosso

12:47 pm

Independent Editor,

For the last several years I have had the pleasure of serving on the SATA Local Advisory Council as a representative for the senior community. Prior to retirement, I spent many years in a multitude of various management positions involving business and government entities, as well as charitable and religious organizations. My time has been spent in several cities and states around this great country. This is related only to let the reader know that this is not the opinion and assessment of a “homie.”

My exposure to the staff, employees and volunteers of SATA compel me to write this letter in support of the SATA funding proposals on the August 7 ballot in the cities of Owosso, Corunna and Durand, and for the townships of Bennington and Caledonia. Passage of these proposals will allow the continuation of bus service for those who are disabled, elderly or simply need transportation to all parts of Shiawassee County.

The commitment and dedication of these staff, employees and volunteers in providing a much-needed service to the county is commendable. They do a great job of giving Shiawassee County a first-class system at an affordable cost.

These millages are just renewals of what have been approved previously. The rates are the same as currently exist. There is no increase. The average homeowner’s yearly cost is $50 or less.

It is important for you to vote in the election on Tuesday, Aug. 7. So, please join me in voting “yes” to continue the public transportation funding millage in your city or township.

Clare Goff, Owosso

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